About Us

What to do in retirement? Why not start a home-based business. That’s how Bargain Basement T-shirts started.

Our Story

When I retired in 2016, my wife (who was still hammering away and working full time) was curious what I was going to do next. After a year of recovering from working for “the man,” my wife was patiently waiting on my next endeavor. I had been spending lots of time in the basement, tolling away with a screen printing press at what was at that time a hobby and creative outlet.

She lovingly and with mild frustration in her voice exclaimed, “Well, if you are going to be in the basement, you might as well be productive!”

That is when I was struck with a plan! Inspired by a desire to be creative, still work hard and provide for my family in retirement, I said “OK. How about I print on t-shirts…in the basement?”

And thus, Bargain Basement T-shirts was born!

Our Philosophy

So you’re looking for t-shirts? Cool.

Our home-based retirement business is professional, yet laid back. If we’re not on vacation (!), we can get your order to you in a couple of weeks, give or take.

We started screen printing t-shirts as a hobby, to help smaller organizations and non-profits, but we have upgraded our equipment (still manually-pressed) and can handle an order of most any size.

Our Process

The Bargain Basement T-shirt process is personal and simple. 

Contact us to get started  so we can give your order our personal touch from the get-go.

If you already have a design or graphic, that is great! Send it along and we’ll take a look. If you need art, we can help. The first hour of graphic assistance is free! Reach out for a custom design quote. 

From there, you will receive a price quote and print proof. After your approval, we will start production which usually takes 10-14 business days.

Once your shirts are completed, we will send you a final invoice and set up a delivery plan.

Professional Printing for Your Small Business, Non-Profit, or Sports Team! Contact Us to Get Started!